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Playtech made a really good decision when they greenlit the development for Beach Life, because it’s one of their best products and slots to date! It’s an incredibly fun, addicting slot set on the beach, of course – with the sun and the sea not too far behind!

This slot features a crazy jackpot that progresses further and further. This game is capable of paying out some really insane amounts of money: which is amazing for regular players, who can really get a lout of a game that has high variance and big payouts.

Let’s start off this review by giving a general rating for most of the qualities and features for Beach Life, and then we’ll dive right in to a further examination of the gameplay and take a close look at what makes Beach Life so great!

Overall Presentation

Beach Life has a sturdy, workmanlike feel to it. While it’s not the prettiest slot that’s ever been designed for sure, it has its strong points when it comes the presentation of its gameplay. Some of the colors, unfortunately, are far too garish and hurt the eyes a bit – while the sounds are very basic. The music isn’t anything to write home about.

The graphics are probably better than the sound, but not by much. It feels like, if anything, that the software engineers and the main designers who create all other aspects of the game also made the art and the music – even though they weren’t artists. Color and proper visuals, along with good sound, almost seem like a secondary concern to the developers of this game. That isn’t intended to be a truly inflammatory criticism, but rather an accurate accounting of the facts, unfortunately.

Features, Gameplay, and Other Info

Fortunately, however, the gameplay of Beach Life fares far better than its visual presentation and other aspects. Beach Life is very standard when it comes to its 5 reels and its 20 paylines. You can’t even go above ten euro on a single spin. The symbols used in the game – being part of the presentation – are kind of generic. Things like ice cream, surfing, sea, women in bikinis, and other common ocean/beach imagery are used here.

In terms of unique gameplay mechanics that it make different than other slots, Beach Life has a bonus symbol that players can receive at random. This is a treasure chest. When you get at least three, you can then receive a prize.

Beach Life also features things like wild symbols: in this case, for Beach Life, that’s the sun that you get every so often. It’s great because it can replace any other image or symbol in Beach Life on any reel. It can even trigger the progressive jackpot – which means that if you get 5 suns, you can get a really big payout!

Beach Life’s presentation isn’t it strongest point – rather, that’s the actual gameplay experience. Most players are going to leave satisfied with the interesting experience that Beach Life offers, even if the ocean theming is executed poorly.

Conclusions and Summary

Now that we’ve gone over all of the important details, hopefully the numbers behind the rating makes sense. Beach Life just doesn’t have that polish in its visuals and sound that so many of us are looking for, but the designers did a good job making sure their game was fun, fair, and had a lot of different interesting aspects to it.

If you’re one for slots – or even ocean-themed games – Beach Life might be the right pick for you to try next. Wild symbols and bonus games mean that not only will you be having a ton of fun, but your chances of winning are pretty high!

Don’t hesitate to try out Beach Life if you’re wanting something different, or you’re just trying to see what a proper ocean-themed slot game looks like.

Happy Beach Life!

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