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IGT is a fairly famous slot developer, having made popular titles like Pixies of the Forest, Siberian Storm, Da Vinci Diamonds, and many various others. From IGT now comes Cleopatra – based off of the famous Egyptian queen from history. While her reign was long and prosperous over ancient Egypt, we still have to answer one question – will the slot be as great as her rule?

Probably not, but let’s look into it! Right away, from the start, we’re going to review the presentation of the game (which is amazing) and then move right onto gameplay (stellar) before finishing things up by adding on any additional points. First, before anything else, though, is the rating. Check out the numbers below and see if you agree.


You might be thinking, right away, when seeing those numbers: “No way. There’s no way that it can be that good.” This slot, however, is really quite impressive once you play it for the first time and give it a chance! It’s an older slot, but despite that, the visuals are extremely impressive for the time and they are still good to this day. Not only are all of the objects and visuals very on point, the sound is as well!

The sound is amazing. Cleopatra herself cheers you on to win while various great sounds play in the background. Now, compared to modern slots, some players may notice some larger differences, but judging the game fairly will show you just how well the team managed to pull everything off.

Moving on from presentation is gameplay: will the slot stand the test of time there as well?

Gameplay and Features:

On the front of gameplay, Cleopatra has quite a bit to offer to almost any kind of player that tries it. Now, due to the game’s age, you’re unfortunately going to find a bit of older game design that was more common back in the time when this slot was actually designed and made.

For starters, you can choose the number of pay lines that you want to use, and the kind of bet you want to make means that you can either risk a small amount of money or quite a bit. The slot does have two notable interesting mechanical additions to the normal pull-and-play system. Those two additions are Wilds and a Scatter symbol.

The wild functions normally – counting for any symbol in the game, and doubling the win – while the scattery symbol makes it so that a bonus triggers, giving up to fifteen free spins with triple wins, and an extension up to 180 free spins.

The Slot’s RTP is only about 95%, meaning that on average most players that bet are going to lose money, which is fairly normal. Still, this may be a dealbreaker for some, so it’s worth noting that if that’s an important aspect to you.

Some of the highest jackpots in this game can reward well over 10,000 coins, so it’s notable for how big some of the wins can be! There’s even a more recent version of this game that was created as a mega jackpot version. It adds in a progressive jackpot system, though that does reduce the RTP of the game slightly. Still – the chance of a millon-dollar win is hard to ignore!


Cleopatra is a great example of an older slot that – while flawed – still manages to withstand the test of time and deliver great experiences to multiple generations of gamers. While the visuals are a bit dated, they still hold up enough to deliver a decent experience.

The gameplay, on the other hand, is a bit more modern. While many of the systems here are almost like prototypes of the things we have today – wilds, free spins, bonus rounds and games, and other common casino and slot game mechanics – they still function well enough on their own to be useful and relevant here.

Overall, Cleopatra is a great slot for almost anyone to play, and tons of players will enjoy rolling to try and achieve a great fortune.

Dance like an Egyptian!

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