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Games that have a popular license always tend to do well. These are almost like guaranteed winners – it’s an easy grand slam for operators and developers alike for several reasons. For developers, it’s easy to create because they’re based off of already-existing material. Operators like these games because they’re easy to advertise for and a lot of people play them.

With that said, it’s no surprise that a Game of Thrones slot was eventually made by the games provider known as Microgaming. If you’re a big fan, you’re probably going to be really satisfied with this slot: the music, visuals, and every aspect of the game all come from the show.

Playing the Game of Thrones Slot feels as if you are in Westeros itself. Does this slot have enough in it to stand the test of time, however: or to be able to satisfy both players and fans who may have high expectations?

Let’s find out.


They did an okay job here! Game of Thrones has always been a spectacle of both the eyes and the ears, but they weren’t quite able to catch the same excitement here in this slot. The music feels repetitive and the sounds don’t quite match up as they’re supposed to. It’s really unfortunate, but it is in fact the case.

The visual side of the presentation is similarly a bit stilted. It’s not truly awful or terrible, but compared to many other slots who’ve done such a better job – on both licensed and original material – there’s no way that you can put them in the same league. This is a tier lower from the outright amazing stuff.

From animations to music to sound, the Game of Thrones slot is just a bit off.

Let’s move onto gameplay, where there are hopefully a few more exciting things waiting for us.

Gameplay, Features, Other Aspects:

Thankfully, when it comes to gameplay, the Game of Thrones slot fares far better. It’s a very standard slot with five reels and three rows. Technically, there are two versions of the slot: one that can pay you out in 243 different ways – all the different combinations from left to right – and then an alternate version that has 15 paylines. Only some casinos carry the secondary version.

The game has a noticeable amount of different stacked wilds – carrying the Game of Thrones logo – that can be used to combo with other winning symbols, like the great houses. This can lead to monumental payouts.

The hugest wins, though? That requires a different setup entirely: multiple Iron Throne symbols that can active a free spin bonus round. You have to pick a house to fight for. There’s four main houses available: Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen, and Lannister.

These houses actually even have different statistics and multipliers, meaning there’s reasons to choose one or the other, with different strategies developing depending on what house you pick. You can pick for a larger number of spins, or you could attempt to get the biggest possible multiplier. Whatever you think gives you the biggest chance to win big is what you should do!

Some of the payouts on either version can easily exceed 50,000 euros! So it has the potential to be quite a luxurious, rewarding slot to play should you invest your time into it.

Finally, the last thing to mention here would be the gambling feature that this slot possesses, which can allow you to double your winnings – it’s sort of like a double or nothing. It apparently has about a 50% chance, so unless you’re looking for absolute biggest single win possible, it may be better to avoid that mechanic.


It’s safe to say that the Game of Thrones Slot game is one of the better licensed slots around, and one of the better slot games in general. While the presentation leaves a little to be desired, that doesn’t take away much from the rest of the experience – and the rest of the experience is quite impressive, in many different ways.

The gameplay is enough to win over even players who aren’t fans of the game. If you are a Game of Thrones superfan, then just know that while the slot is more or less true to the show, the presentation may dull your enjoyment of it slightly, all other things remaining the same.

The slot, featuring amazing gameplay with unique mechanics, is more than enough to entertain any player, and should be a good experience for almost anyone interested in these kinds of games.

Who will take the Iron Throne? You decide!

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