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NetEnt is just forever in the zone – not only have they made a ton of other popular slots, but they’ve also made Gonzo’s Quest: a really popular, recent slot that was made in the past couple of years. This is a real winner, not only because it has great gameplay, but the presentation is really top notch as well (more on both of those two below).

Gonzo’s Quest, for a bit of background info, it explores the adventures of a famous real life conquistador who – of course – goes by the name of Gonzo. Gonzo Pizzaro, to be precise. In the slot (as in real life) he sets out and travels across the sea, to the New World, in order to try to find the riches of El Dorado. This is known as the city of gold.

This is already set up to be a real winning gem in terms of all of the set pieces moving together to create a great slot. Let’s examine in further detail, though – starting with the rating – so we can really get a good sense of just how great this slot is?


Let’s begin justifying such high numbers by going over the presentation of the slot. Gonzo’s Quest features stellar visuals and absolutely breathtaking graphics. The animations are crisp, clear, clean, and incredibly professional. The art and art design is on point. The music is great, and the sound effects match the game exactly as they’re supposed to.

The team at NetEnt that designed this game clearly knew what they were doing, because every single aspect of the game’s presentation fits what it is supposed to be to a tee. You won’t find a slot that has art, graphics, animations, sounds, and music that fit as well as this slot does.

Moving on from the top-notch presentation of this slot, which is pretty much award-winning in nearly every way, let’s examine gameplay: and see if the actual moment-to-moment experience of playing this game can match up to the presentation aspects.

Gameplay and Other Features

Right away, we can see that Gonzo’s Quest has strengths here too. Not only does it have a very good standard base for a slot to build off of – with five reels, three rows, and twenty fixed paylines – but it has other noticeable aspects, too, such as a very wide bet flexibility range. Players can bet far under half a euro, or as high as 50 euro on a single spin or bet. Because of that, this allows pretty much everyone to enjoy this slot: whether you don’t have a lot of money to spend (or prefer not to spend much when gambling) or you have plenty to burn, this slot facilitates all kinds of players, which is a big point in its favor.

All of the symbols within the game are once again very well-tuned to what the game is supposed to be, looking like artifacts and other relevant imagery that you’d imagine from a City of Gold. What’s more is that the artifacts can actually blow up when they get a winning combo.

This is a cascading effect that continues onwards: meaning that you can keep growing your win further and further. For players that enjoy big wins or being able to win more and more off of a single spin, Gonzo’s Quest is great for you!

Of course, there are also free spins available if you get a Free Fall scatter symbol. There are also wilds in this slot as well. Other big payouts can be earned if you’re lucky enough to get a pretty rare symbol.

One final note about the gameplay of Gonzo’s Quest: you can actually earn over 100,000 Euro if you bet 50 euro and hit that jackpot. Isn’t that something crazy?


Gonzo’s Quest, after an in-depth review, has something for nearly everyone. Whether you’re looking at the presentation of the game, the gameplay, how flexible the title is or how many different players it appeals to, you’re looking at a winner in pretty much every category.

When reviewing all of the information, it’s clear that our numbers were not exaggerated. Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best slots available for play at this time. If you’re at all curious about trying it out, give it a go ahead!

Someone needs to find that Lost City of Gold, after all!

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