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NetEnt managed to hit another one out of the ballpark with Jack Hammer 2 – one of their greatest slots to date! It’s a slot based on a hero who battles crime named Jack Hammer. This is the second slot in the series, and has made several improvements on the previous iteration! The visuals (more on that below) are noticeably great, and better than the original. There are almost 100 different paylines for players to hit which is far different than the first game.

They’ve also even added in other unique mechanics for players to enjoy in this new version of the game. The sticky wins mechanic will be explained a bit later on in this review, so head down if you want to read about that.

We’ll start off about why Jack Hammer 2 is so great with our overall rating here.

Overall Presentation:

To begin explaining the rating that we’re giving Jack Hammer 2 above, we’re going to delve a bit further into why we believe the presentation is good overall – even if it lacks just a bit at times. The graphics themselves, and the animations, are the biggest point in Jack Hammer’s favor here. The game sticks to a comic book style for the entirety of its presentation, which completely fits the game as a super hero/comic book style slot!

While the visuals themselves are pretty stellar, the sound and music doesn’t extend the same greatness, unfortunately. We’ve found that the sound is definitely passable, but not quite on the same level of quality as what the artists for this game have depicted with its visuals.

Finally, overall, all other aspects of presentation are still fairly good: just not quite as good as the visuals. It’s more like the visuals overshadow everything else rather than anything being noticeably bad.

Gameplay and General Features

Jack Hammer 2 shines when it comes to the gameplay it offers to players! With 5 reels (fairly standard) but up to 99 different paylines, Jack Hammer 2 offers a far different experience compared to most other slots. Most of the symbols on the lots are what you’d expect: depicting Jack or other various hero-related imagery, including a Tommy gun as well. Mobsters also make an appearance on the slot too.

Sticky wins are the noticeable mechanic here that needs to be mentioned. This is a unique mechanic to this slot that actually allows for a large series of prizes – some say endless – to be given to players. It’s almost like a winstreak – every time you get a win, you can spin again and try to add more. If this keeps adding up, you can really get some huge payouts!

Free spins are also offered in Jack Hammer 2. Make certain that you keep a close eye out ofr these. You can even get bonus rounds from these and more free spins, with wild slots, to try and get some big payouts – this doesn’t even take into account the normal standard wild that already exists!

Overall, Jack Hammer 2 features interesting – and improved – gameplay from its predecessor.


Jack Hammer 2 offers great visuals, sound, and overall a really solid presentation for players. This is backed up by really amazing gameplay, including unique mechanics that players will not find in other slots, as well as a very generous sticky wins reward system. Players will find themselves able to win streaks and get big payouts unlike many other slots.

If you’ve been looking for a new game to play, want to try out a comic book hero slot, or just want to find something else that you haven’t tried before, give Jack Hammer 2 a shot.

This slot really has something for everyone!

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