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Mega Fortune features the one thing that has always drawn players to slots: massive, huge jackpots. Players love to win big: really, if you think about it, that’s the whole point in playing a slot game in the first place! Mega Fortune has that in spades: offering big enough sums to boggle the mind and make your eyes pop out of your head.

Some of the jackpots have evn been in excess of 10 million euros! That’s a really insane number to contest with when we’re talking about just winning a slot and getting that amount of money.

Mega Fortune is a bit of an older game, which shows somewhat in its visuals and other aspects of its presentation (more on that below). But every other aspect of the game shines, and we’re going to show just how much today in this review.

Overall Presentation

We’ll begin our explanation of the above rating with getting into detail about the game’s presentation: specifically, the art, animations, overall visuals, and sound and music of the game. The most glaring flaw of this game is probably its visual presentation, unfortunately: some of the art is older and some of the animations are a bit clunky or outdated, due to it being an older title.

However, the sound and music are at an all time high. All of the sound effects, and the music that the game uses, fit the entire theme of the game perfectly, being all based around a massive, luxurious fortune.

The sound really fits the game and helps increase the overall presentation – the visuals don’t bring the game down, but they just aren’t quite on the level that the sound is.

Gameplay, Features, Other Aspects

Finally – the gameplay, the heart and soul of a slot! Mega Fortune has a lot to offer us here, in many different aspects. So, first of all, Mega Fortune is a five-reel, three-row game with twenty five different paylines. This slot is just chock-full of bonus features. The wild in this game really assists players in winning and getting to this bonus rounds.

There’s also a free spin that gets activated by scatter symbols. This gives you free spins and even results in luxurious items appearing which can give you even more bonus free spins and can award you with a multiplier on wins to further enrich you.

The bonus game is where the real jackpots are won. You can activate that by getting all the correct symbols lined up left to right – at least three of them.

Then a huge wheel will pop up. This can result in some really massive jackpots which is the reason that so many people play this slot: including one huge mega jackpot at the very end of the wheel!


Overall, Mega Fortune is an older slot with some minor flaws, but it’s still great as a casino game overall. It features multiple different traits that make it a contender for one of the best slots to play if you’re looking for high variance and big payouts: including noticeably huge multipliers, free spins, bonus games, and the chance of hitting a mega jackpot!

The presentation of the game isn’t enough to slow it down, especially considering that the visual aspect of the game is serviceable while the audio really blows most other competitors out of the water.

Our final verdict? Mega Fortune is guaranteed to give you some good times when you play it – and if you’re really lucky, you may be able to score that $10 million payout jackpot that everyone’s gunning for.

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