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Starburst is a well-known, popular slot from the NetEnt games catalogue. This is very impressive when you take into account the number of games that NetEnt has made over the years, as well as how many top-tier games they’ve produced. Despite all of that, Starburst stands above nearly all of them.

Starburst features top-tier graphics, sounds, and gameplay. In terms of visuals, it’s pretty hard to beat this slot: gleaming gems combined with other nostalgic slot symbols, all wrapped up in an 80’s aesthetic mean that nobody’s competing with this gem’s shine.

The music and sound, too, should be lauded. Filled with great background music and addicting sound, this slot is held to a higher standard of quality in practically every aspect of its presentation.

Let’s go over why Starburst is king and why it’s remained so popular and so great for so long.

Gameplay and Other Aspects

Now that we’ve given you our rating, we can go over it in detail and explain why it is that Starburst has earned such high marks! To start with, let’s explain the basic elements of the slot. It’s a five reel, three row slot with 10 different paylines. Many other well-liked online casino games feature similar elements – even nearly identical, sometime.

However, Starburst breaks the mold in many different ways. One of those is the way in which it refuses to complicate matters – something which could drive away players just looking to have a good time.

Variety of gameplay is another way that Starburst shines. Unlike other slots – which are still based around luck, but have a very boring, static outcome for each pull – Starburst tries to introduce a bit of change to the way you play. The Starburst Wild symbol is the result of that.

This symbol makes it so that whenever it appears on one of the three center reels, you get three free spins. If you get a wild again, it’s another five spins. This can keep on going forever until a wild finally doesn’t appear anymore.

This is great for players who like to get a lot of bang for their buck:if you get lucky, you get a lot of chances to win a decent amount of money! Jackpots, however, don’t really exist in Starburst.

Because of that, everything is paid in coins. But even those have value: ranging from a mere hundredth of a Euro to a full one for each coin. It’s not impossible to collect thousands of coins, however, so you can definitely rake it in!

The wild mechanic is where Starburst shines. It doesn’t have other complicating effects as part of the gameplay or something else that would confuse the player. It’s fast, fun, and exhilarating.

This makes it the perfect slot for new players or older veterans who know that fun is important at the end of the day. Starburst is a really fair game when it comes to the player experience that it offers to everyone.


It should be clear and easy to see how great Starburst is as a slot machine game – which is why it’s so popular. NetEnt really hit it out of the park here: and it seems to be among the absolutely most popular of all of their titles, even though it has very little compared to them in terms of gameplay features or advanced mechanics.

That doesn’t appear to always be the most important thing, as we’re seeing: Starburst’s presentation and simple, fun gameplay entertain hearts and minds young and old – and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Give Starburst a try if you’re interested – you won’t regret the experience and time spent.

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