How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

If you are new to playing online slots, you might have seen several of our video slots mention progressive jackpots as part of their exciting prizes on offer. While traditional slot games have fixed jackpot amounts, slots with progressive jackpots rise over time until a lucky player wins the prize.

With all progressive jackpots, as players add credits and spin the reels, a small percentage of their credits are added into the overall progressive jackpot prize. Therefore, the more popular the slot, the higher the progressive jackpot gets.

There are three popular types of progressive jackpots that iGaming sites tend to favour:

Game-Exclusive Progressives Jackpots

The original form of progressive jackpot is the standalone progressives that are exclusive to a particular slot title. Only wagers placed on that specific game will add towards the overall jackpot. As these standalone progressives are not linked to multiple slot titles, the jackpots are not as lucrative as some of the other progressives on offer.

Casino-Specific Progressive Jackpots

Localised progressive jackpots were an evolution on game-exclusive progressives, with jackpots connected to a string of games offered by a specific iGaming operator. Naturally, this means that more money is added to the overarching progressive jackpot with every spin, resulting in some life-changing sums of money available to win at the touch of a button.

Wide Area Network Progressive Jackpots

These types of progressive jackpots are now the most popular you’ll find on any online casino. A Wide Area Network progressive is connected to slot titles across a host of casinos operated by one overarching brand. The fact multiple slots are played at once across a host of iGaming sites allows for its jackpot to accrue astronomical sums of money per spin. It?s been known for Wide Area Network progressives to pay out millions of pounds, so keep your eyes peeled!

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