Why is the Starburst Slot so Popular?

The brainchild of pioneering iGaming software developers NetEnt, Starburst has made a huge impression at online casinos since 2012. In its six years of existence, it has become one of the most popular video slots of all time.

Some people say that you’ll either love or hate Starburst, with no middle ground. We believe most of you will love it for the following reasons:

Its simplicity is great for casual gamers

What made video slots so popular in the iGaming scene in recent years is their appeal to casual gamers. These are people that want to pick up their mobile device and start playing without the need to learn skills or strategies. Starburst?s main feature is its simplicity, it doesn’t have showy in-game bonuses, but it does make it easy for you to keep track of what?s going on with those reels.

It boasts a colourful theme and background

Starburst is hardly unique when it comes to the icons on its reels, but its colourful and psychedelic gems proving the main focal point here. Better still, the gems are set against the backdrop of a calming purple cosmic background. There are no busy backgrounds here and that?s part of its appeal.

It’s a responsive slot

Those clever people at NetEnt know how to make a popular responsive video slot that?s capable of being played with ease on desktop and mobile devices. Wherever you are and however much time you have to play, you can always get in the thick of the action at Starburst.

You can win a healthy jackpot, too

Although Starburst is not linked to any heart-stopping progressive jackpots, there are still some exciting prizes to be won. The maximum jackpot can bag you up to £50,000 when you bet £1 per spin!

What are you waiting for? See if NetEnt’s Starburst works for you today at Bet on Aces.

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