Gates of olympus demo & review

Gates of Olympus, a slot game by Pragmatic Play, features a captivating Greek mythology theme and is filled with rewarding bonus features and mechanics, offering payouts up to 5,000 times your stake. You can play the Gates of Olympus demo for free, read a detailed review, and claim a bonus! Following the immense success of Sweet Bonanza in the iGaming world, it was clear that Pragmatic Play aimed to create another hit. This ambition led to the development of Gates of Olympus, which has since gained a reputation as one of the most popular and frequently played slots, potentially even surpassing its legendary predecessor.

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Gates of olympus: an in-depth slot review by pragmatic play

Stepping into the realm of the gods with Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus offers a thrilling experience that beckons online slot enthusiasts to explore its divine potential. This game distinguishes itself within the vast universe of online slots through its unique combination of thematic depth and innovative gameplay mechanics. With Pragmatic Play at the helm, known for their quality and engaging slots, Gates of Olympus stands out as not just another title but as a gatekeeper to epic wins and celestial entertainment. The significance of this game in the online gambling community cannot be overstated, as it merges high-quality graphics, captivating narratives, and the potential for substantial rewards.

In this in-depth slot review, we delve into the critical aspects that make Gates of Olympus a must-play. We will guide you through the game’s overview, highlighting key features such as the symbols and paytable that set the stage for thrilling gameplay. Moreover, our exploration extends to the bonus features that unlock the potential for divine rewards. For players seeking detailed insights, we provide an analysis of the Gates of Olympus RTP, max win, and volatility, offering a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. Whether you’re a seasoned player or curious about the Gates of Olympus demo, our review caters to all levels of interest, ensuring you’re well-equipped to enter the pantheon of the gods.

Game overview


Theme and storyline

In the Gates of Olympus slot, players are transported to the mythical entrance of Olympus, where an imposing Zeus awaits. This game, rich in Greek mythology, sets a dramatic scene at the gates where only the worthy may enter. The backdrop is filled with reels of precious gems and mystical artifacts under a violet sky, enhancing the epic mood and mythical drama. Each spin feels like a trial, with Zeus’s glowing green eyes and aggressive stance challenging players to prove their worth.

Graphics and sound

The visual and auditory elements of Gates of Olympus are crafted to complement its grand theme. The animation style, reminiscent of a video game, along with a color palette dominated by purple, blue, and gold, creates a fantasy mood that is both immersive and visually stunning. White pillars with flaming tops frame the gold-bordered reels, adding to the game’s majestic aesthetic. The theme music, featuring harps, bells, and dark undertones, sets a fittingly divine atmosphere, reminding players of the heavenly yet challenging journey ahead.

How to play

Gates of Olympus features a unique 6×5 reel layout where symbols pay anywhere on the screen. This structure allows for dynamic gameplay, as winning combinations are not restricted to traditional paylines but can occur anywhere when eight or more matching symbols land. The game employs a cascade feature, where winning symbols disappear, allowing new ones to tumble into place, potentially creating consecutive wins from a single spin. Players can adjust their bets from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $125 per spin, making the game accessible to both low-stakes players and high rollers. The controls are straightforward, with options to adjust bet sizes and view the paytable easily accessible, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all participants.

Symbols and paytable

Regular symbols

In the Gates of Olympus, the symbols are a vibrant mix of gemstones and mythical artifacts, each playing a crucial role in the gameplay. The game features a total of 11 symbols, divided into two basic sets based on their value.

Low-Value Symbols: These are visually represented by gemstones of various colors, including cyan, green, yellow, purple, and red. Players can expect payouts ranging from 2x to 10x the bet when accumulating 12 or more identical gemstone symbols. The diversity in colors not only adds to the visual appeal of the game but also helps in distinguishing the lower-value symbols easily during gameplay.

High-Value Symbols: The higher-paying symbols encompass a chalice, a ring, an hourglass, and a crown, each symbolizing elements of wealth and power fitting the game’s mythical theme. Achieving 12 or more of the same high-paying symbol on the reels rewards players with more substantial payouts, ranging from 12x to 50x the bet. The crown stands as the highest paying symbol, offering a payout of 50x for 12+ symbols, symbolizing the ultimate reward fitting for a game set in the realm of gods.

Special symbols

The Gates of Olympus slot also features special symbols that significantly impact the game’s dynamics, offering players opportunities for enhanced wins and engaging gameplay experiences.

Scatter Symbol: Depicted by the god Zeus himself, the scatter symbol is a game-changer, with the power to grant three, five, or one hundred times your bet, depending on whether you land four, five, or six scatter symbols, respectively. This symbol not only elevates the potential for big wins but also adds a layer of excitement with each spin, as players anticipate the arrival of Zeus on the reels.

Multiplier Symbols: These symbols can appear during any spin, displaying a random multiplier value ranging from 2x to 500x. Multiplier symbols are present on all reels in both the base game and the Free Spins feature. The thrill of the game heightens when a multiplier symbol hits, as its value is applied to the total win at the end of a cascade sequence. If multiple multiplier symbols land, their values are added together before being applied, potentially leading to divine payouts.

Furthermore, landing 4, 5, or 6 scatters at once not only offers a payout but also awards 15 free spins. During these free spins, any visible multiplier symbols have their values added to a global multiplier, which does not reset throughout the round. This feature can significantly increase the payout, making each free spin a potential gateway to substantial rewards. The allure of unlimited free spins reactivation, with 5 additional free spins awarded when 3 scatters hit, ensures that the excitement continues without bounds. By understanding the symbols and paytable of Gates of Olympus, players can better strategize their gameplay, maximizing their chances of winning big while enjoying the mythological theme that Pragmatic Play has intricately designed.

Bonus features

Tumble feature

The Tumble feature, a cornerstone of the Gates of Olympus gameplay, activates after each winning combination. Symbols involved in the win disappear, allowing new ones to cascade down from above. This process can repeat indefinitely, as long as new winning combinations form, offering players continuous opportunities for victory without additional wagers.

Multiplier feature

During both the base game and Free Spins rounds, players can encounter the Multiplier feature. Multiplier symbols, depicted as orbs encased in gold with wings, can randomly appear in various colors (green, blue, purple, red). These symbols award random multipliers ranging from 2x to 500x, significantly boosting potential winnings, especially when multiple multipliers land and their values are combined.

Free spins feature

Triggered by landing at least four Zeus Scatter symbols, the Free Spins feature starts players off with 15 spins. During this round, any multipliers that appear are tallied up, enhancing the total multiplier for the duration of the Free Spins. Landing three or more Scatters during this round adds an additional five spins, with no cap on the number of times this can be retriggered, promising a potentially lucrative experience.

Ante bet feature

The Ante Bet feature allows players to increase their stake by 25%, enhancing their chances of triggering the Free Spins feature. This is achieved by boosting the likelihood of Scatter symbols landing on the reels, doubling the chances of entering the highly coveted Free Spins round and making it a strategic choice for those looking to maximize their winning potential.

Bonus buy feature

For players eager to directly access the Free Spins feature, the Bonus Buy option is available. By paying 100 times the total bet, players can instantly activate the Free Spins round. This feature is particularly appealing for those willing to invest more for the chance of significant returns, bypassing the need for Scatter symbols to trigger the round traditionally.

These bonus features collectively make Gates of Olympus not just a game of chance but a strategic endeavor where players can influence their fortunes through smart gameplay and feature utilization.

Gates of olympus RTP, max win & volatility

RTP values

The Return to Player (RTP) rate for Gates of Olympus stands impressively at 96.5%, which is notably above the industry average of 96%. This RTP indicates a favorable return, where, statistically, $96.50 is paid out for every $100 wagered, leaving a small margin for the casino. It’s important to note that Pragmatic Play offers alternative RTP versions at 95.51% and 94.5%, depending on the casino. Therefore, checking the paytable at your chosen venue is essential to confirm the exact RTP you’re playing with.

Maximum win

Gates of Olympus offers a tantalizing top prize, where players can win up to 5,000 times their bet. This translates to a potential maximum payout of $625,000 when playing with the maximum stake and using the Ante Bet feature. The probability of hitting this max win is 1 in 718,391 spins, highlighting the game’s high volatility nature and the substantial rewards that can be achieved.

Volatility and betting range

This slot is characterized by its very high volatility, rated 5 out of 5. High volatility slots typically offer larger payouts that come less frequently, which means players might experience longer dry spells in gameplay but can also encounter significant wins. The hit frequency rate of 28.82% suggests that winning combinations will land approximately every 3.47 spins. Additionally, the free spins feature, a critical component of the game’s appeal, is triggered on average every 448.12 spins.

The betting range in Gates of Olympus is designed to accommodate a wide array of players, from beginners to high rollers. Wagers can start as low as $0.20 and go up to $125 per spin. This flexibility allows players to manage their bankrolls effectively and engage with the game at a level that suits their comfort.

By understanding these core aspects of Gates of Olympus—its RTP, maximum win potential, volatility, and betting options—you are better equipped to navigate the challenges and enjoy the rewards that this mythologically themed slot has to offer.

Professional Table
Game Provider: Pragmatic Play
RTP: 96.50%
Paylines: 20
Min Bet: $0.20
Max Bet: $100
Professional Table
Progressive:: No
Type: Video Slot
Theme: Gods, Greek
Volatility: High
Release Date: 13/02/2021


Throughout this comprehensive review, we’ve journeyed through the mythical gates guarded by Zeus himself to uncover the divine gameplay and riches available in Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus. The engaging mix of visually stunning graphics, thematic depth, and innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the Tumble and Multiplier features, not only elevates this slot above many others but also offers players a chance at celestial winnings. By highlighting the game’s symbols, paytable, and bonus features, we’ve provided a blueprint for players looking to navigate the lofty peaks of Mount Olympus in search of fortune.

Considering the game’s very high volatility, impressive RTP of 96.5%, and the potential for a max win of up to 5,000 times the bet, Gates of Olympus promises a thrilling adventure for those daring enough to face the gods. The allure of substantial rewards, coupled with the strategic depth offered by its various gameplay features, makes this slot a must-play for enthusiasts seeking more than just a spin. As the gates swing open, offering passage to the realm of gods and titans, players are reminded of the potential for both challenge and great reward, mirroring the heroic tales of ancient mythology itself.


How effective is the Gates of Olympus slot game?

Gates of Olympus is highly regarded due to its engaging Free Spins features where orb multipliers increase the total multiplier, enhancing potential winnings. With a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.5% and the ability to win up to 5,000 times your bet, it ranks as one of the most popular slots in the UK. Explore its features through our detailed review and free play version.

Pragmatic Play’s top slots include a variety of popular games such as Big Bass Bonanza, Sweet Bonanza, The Dog House, Great Rhino, Mustang Gold, Chilli Heat, Sugar Rush, and Wild West Gold Megaways. These games are well-loved for their exciting themes and gameplay features.

Gates of Olympus offers a maximum payout of 500,000.00 and is a highly volatile game. It maintains an average payback rate of 96.5%, reflecting its potential for significant payouts over time.

Gates of Olympus 1000 is characterized by high volatility and a hit frequency of 28.57%. Players can win up to 15,000 times their bet. The probability of achieving a win of 1,000 times the bet or more averages at about 1 in 45,036 spins, while the chance to hit the maximum win of 15,000 times the bet is 1 in 2,749,771 spins.

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