The History of Microgaming: The World’s iGaming Software Pioneers

For many seasoned iGaming players, Microgaming are the pinnacle of online slots and casino table games. Established in 1994, this British company claim to be the first company to launch an online casino for real money.

Although they have since changed their focus away from being a dedicated online casino operator, they have cemented their position as the undisputed pioneers of iGaming software.

20 years ago, Microgaming unveiled their first online slot game, known as Cash Splash. Not only was this a momentous occasion, it also was the first to feature an in-built progressive jackpot. A tiny fraction of every bet placed on each spin was added to the progressive jackpot, which was then triggered at random for one lucky player. This innovation helped put Microgaming on the map, setting them apart as industry leaders for safe and legitimate iGaming.

The new Interactive Gaming Council was born

In the early stages of the online gambling industry, Microgaming took it upon themselves to act as the guardians for safe and responsible gambling for customers. The brand, along with other leading iGaming firms, joined forces to establish the Interactive Gaming Council, designed to regulate games and provide integrity for the iGaming industry as a whole. Microgaming also became a future founding member of the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), designed to ensure online games offered fair and proper action for customers.

A portfolio of award-winning iGaming titles

Since the unveiling of Cash Splash and its inaugural progressive jackpot, Microgaming has gone from strength to strength. To date, more than 1,200 video slots and casino table games have reached iGaming platforms around the world. They’ve also been pioneers in Live Dealer casino games and were the first to release a casino game designed for play with wearable tech.
Put simply, Microgaming have been at the leading edge of the iGaming business for more than two decades and aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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