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Live casinos in online gaming might be one of the newer offerings available, but that doesn’t stop them from being some of the most popular. Read more

This combination of live dealers with on-demand convenience has opened up an entirely new world for online players, and improvements in connectivity keep raising this bar to new and exciting levels. Whether you’re looking to play or to learn a little bit more about what live casino games have to offer, we at Bet on Aces have you covered! Show less

What is Live Casino Gaming?

Live casino gaming comes from a combination of live-streaming and traditional online casino offerings. In simple terms, games streaming works by connecting players to live hosts in various locations all over the world. Through the clever use of software and hardware solutions, players and dealers can then interact similarly to how they would in a brick and mortar establishment. This means all the thrill of playing live with the undeniable convenience of at-home or mobile play.

The History of Live Casino Gaming

As many fans will know, online casinos are hardly new developments in the larger casino landscape. Dating as far back as 1996, these have long been a mainstay of internet entertainment and, over time, they’ve undergone considerable evolution.

For the first few years, these casinos and their games were incredibly basic. This is because they only had slow internet speeds to deal with, and computers which were far less powerful than a modern smartphone. Because of these two factors, most online casino games were confined to the realm of simple illustrations of bingo, blackjack, and a few online slots.

As internet connections and connected devices became more powerful, the possibilities of online casinos continued to climb. At first, this meant more detailed illustrations of traditional games, which then moved into a massive expansion in games like software slots. When the age of live-streaming arrived in the early 2010s, the stage for live casino games finally became set.

Starting with blackjack games, live casino online games proved an instant smash hit. Taking advantage of this popularity, a great many new offerings arrived, bringing with them vastly improved choice and more developed technology.

Today, live casino games are a staple of online casino websites, forming the backbone of many highly-rated experiences. From limited initial offerings, these now cover practically any dealer game available, and the range available just keeps on growing. Make no mistake though, we’re far from seeing the peak of what these games have to offer!

What Games are Available in Live Casino?

Many of the popular and classic casino games that people have come to love in brick-and-mortar venues, have been digitally transformed into the online world, with the universal catalogue ever-growing as more innovations in technology are being made. Some of the most widespread games in live casinos gaming include:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Three Card Poker

It should also be noted that variants on these games are also popular, giving players a greater level of customisation in how they wish to play. There is also a range of more niche titles available on some websites, such as Sic Bo and Money Wheel.

Finally, we should also mention that there are other titles which, while not commonly live-streamed, do follow a similar live model. Bingo is an especially common example of this, where draws are performed for many players in specific time-slots. Despite this similarity, however, games like this and other lottery-style games are typically not included within what is considered the live casino subset of online casino gaming.

How do you Play Live Casino Games?

One of the best things about live casino games is that they play almost exactly like any of their physical or digital counterparts. You first select a table from your computer or mobile, and then take a ‘seat’ alongside the other players. From here, you simply play with the easy to use controls, and the software does the rest.

While these basic steps will get you started, there are still a couple of general practices you should also be sure to follow in terms of etiquette. Firstly, be sure you’re already familiar with how the game plays before you enter. This way, you won’t hold up the dealer or other players, and you’ll be less likely to make simple mistakes. Most online casinos will offer non-live versions of their live games which you can also try your hand at.

Secondly, if chat is offered, you need to be sure to be respectful to other players and the host. While friendly banter can be fine, being disruptive can get a player banned, and result in a negative experience for everyone involved. Remember that you’re all there to have fun, and you’ll have a better time for it.

Finding the Best Live Casino for You

Looking at all the different choices for live casinos, finding the right casino for you can be a tricky task, but it’s far from impossible. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what you value most from a casino, and which components are the least important to your personal experience.

For some players, the most important aspects are welcome bonuses, in which case, listings like ours can easily point you in the right direction. For other players, you might be after a particular live casino game, so you’d have to take care in comparing the websites which offer this game against each other.

If you have the time, a good idea can be to narrow your choices down to one or two options and then spend a few minutes exploring their website and services. This way, before you go through the account creation process, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

With all this in mind, you’re well on your way to getting the best out of the live games that online casinos have to offer. Check out our ratings and reviews for more in-depth coverage, and otherwise, best of luck out there on the tables!

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