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Quickspin Games is an online gaming provider that was founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. It quickly grew over a few years, and by 2016, was acquired by industry giant Playtech. Once that happened, Quickspin continued to grow even more.

Quickspin Games: Some of the Best Slot Machine Software

Quickspin Games is an online gaming provider that was founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. It quickly grew over a few years, and by 2016, was acquired by industry giant Playtech. Once that happened, Quickspin continued to grow even more. Today, it employs over 100 people and has several international offices in different countries. It's licensed and able to do business by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, too. Quickspin focuses on producing video slots. Some of their greatest titles are games like Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades, Hammer of Vulcan, Ghost Glyph, and Artemis vs Medusa. All of Quickspin's Games feature stellar artwork, engaging visuals, pulsing sound, and exciting gameplay with various different features and twists on the normal slot formula. Most of their slots are available on mobile, and they have over 70 slots available for players to enjoy. Quickspin also features high RTP on their titles, so that players can know that no scamming or rigging is going on. Let's get started by looking at some of the most important aspects of Quickspins' slot machine software business: the games themselves.

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New Quickspin Slots: Check Out Their Greatest Games

New Quickspin slots are coming out every month because Quickspin is in the middle of a fast, effective production cycle. By the end of 2021, there will be 14-18 new slots for players to enjoy. Even now, however, there are 74, with 69 being available for mobile device play. Most of Quickspin's slots feature various themes that influence the design of the gameplay as well as the art and animation choices. The biggest of these are clearly Greek Mythology, with games like Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades making it obvious where the artists and designers are getting their inspiration from. Fantasy, Chinese mythology, and various Eastern cultures and mythologies also seem to play a part in Quickspin's design process. Some of Quickspin's greatest games are titles like Titan Thunder: Wrath of Hades, Ghost Glyph, Hammer of Vulcan, Artemis vs Medusa, Dragon Shrine, Gold Lab, Sakura Fortune, Eastern Emeralds, and many more. All of these games have beautiful animations, visuals, and art design – with gameplay and sound being no less amazing, of course. With different numbers of reels and win lines, and other additional mechanics added on to each title, it's not hard to see why Quickspin is so successful. Are Quickspin's games fair, though?

Some Example Games

Quickspin's Best Casino Software: Fair and Tested

Quickspin features a high average RTP with all of titles, so players can be certain that they're not getting ripped off or scammed. The industry standard RTP is 95-97%, and you'll see in a moment how Quickspin easily surpasses and stands out compared to other companies, just with this number alone. Some of Quickspin's RTP rates are listed below:
  • Joker Strike: 98.11%
  • Sinbad: 97.07%
  • Treasure Island: 97.06%
  • Mighty Arthur: 96.94%
  • Genie's Touch: 96.90%
  • Hidden Valley: 96.98%
It should be clear from some of these numbers that not only does Quickspin offer incredibly fair games, they offer them at better rates compared to many other companies and organizations. This isn't the only point in the favor of Quickspin when it comes to legitimacy and fairness, however. Quickspin is also licensed to do business in Great Britain and in Malta because they have passed the rules and specifications of the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. These organizatons—and other ones throughout the world—regularly have strict rules and regulations when it comes to what games can be allowed, the math and odds behind these games, and the content within. To satisfy these organizations is a very high mark, and it should be considered a mark of safe game provider overall. Quickspin has gone out of their way to offer the best casino software that's fair and tested – no scams, and no rigging.

Quickspin is One of The Best Casino Software Companies

Quickspin is clearly one of the best casino software companies. Not only do they offer great games and have a massive assortment of titles available for the average player, but the games they offer have fair rates, which isn't always a guarantee in this market and industry. If you were to ask the question 'Are all casino software developers fair and safe?', the answer would of course be no. Quickspin, however, is one of the best, and as a player you'd never have to worry about any unethical behavior from them. If you're considering a new games provider but don't know where to turn to, think about getting into Quickspin's games. You won't go wrong by trying out some of their titles. They really offer some of the best casino software on the market.

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