Spin to Win: A Comprehensive Review of The Dog House Dog or Alive Slot

The Dog House – Dog or Alive slot, developed by Pragmatic Play, sets the stage for thrilling spins with its high volatility and an impressive RTP that peaks at 96.52%. As the latest addition to the pragmatic play slots collection, this game promises exciting gameplay with its maximum win potential of 10,000x the bet, making the dog house demo a sought-after experience for players eager to test the game ahead of its release on March 28, 2024.

In this review, we’ll dive into the upgraded visual and thematic elements that make The Dog House – Dog or Alive stand out, alongside an exploration of the gameplay mechanics, symbols, and the lucrative bonus features including free spins. Highlighting strategies to maximize payouts, this article aims to be your comprehensive guide to mastering this latest pragmatic play creation.

Visual and Thematic Upgrade

In the Dog House – Dog or Alive slot, Pragmatic Play has masterfully blended the charm of cartoon dogs with a vibrant Wild West backdrop, creating a visually delightful and thematic experience. Here’s a detailed look at the visual and thematic enhancements:

Graphics and Sounds

  1. Theme Fusion: Combining the beloved Dog House series with a Wild West setting, this slot features a bustling town ruled by whimsical pet characters.
  2. High-Definition Visuals: The game showcases enhanced high-definition graphics and animations, bringing the rustic Wild West to life with a playful twist.
  3. Aural Ambiance: Lively, Western-style music complements the theme, enhancing the gaming experience with upbeat and engaging tunes.

Symbols and Aesthetics

  • Reel Design: The reel set boasts a wooden, rustic look with vibrant symbols that pop against the backdrop.
  • Character Symbols: The slot reintroduces dogs from the original series (Rottweiler, Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, Beagle) dressed in cowboy attire, alongside new symbols like sheriff stars and a cracked safe full of gold.
  • Symbol Hierarchy:
    • Lower-Paying Symbols: Traditional Western-style playing card emblems (10, J, Q, K, A).
    • Higher-Paying Symbols: Thematic items such as Bones and Collars, with four different dog characters donning cowboy hats.
    • Top-Paying Symbol: The Dog Premium with a blue background, offering a reward of 37.5 times the bet for a full payline.

Special Symbols

  • Wild and Bonus Symbols: The game includes special symbols that not only enhance payouts but also contribute to the thematic narrative, embodying the adventurous spirit of the Wild West.

This thematic upgrade not only enhances the visual appeal but also deepens the immersive experience, making each spin a delightful adventure in a whimsically wild town ruled by pets.

Gameplay Mechanics and Symbols

In the Dog House – Dog or Alive slot, understanding the gameplay mechanics and the significance of each symbol is crucial for maximizing your winning potential. This game operates on a 5×3 layout with 20 fixed paylines, where wins are formed by matching at least three symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

Key Symbols and Their Payouts

High-Paying Symbols:

  • Dog Characters: These include the Rottweiler, Yorkshire Terrier, Pug, and Beagle, with payouts ranging from 1x to 37.5x the bet for combinations of three to five symbols.
  • Dog Collar and Bone: These symbols offer mid-range payouts, with the Dog Collar providing up to 7.50x and the Bone up to 5x the bet for five on a payline.

Low-Paying Symbols:

  • Card Symbols (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten): These symbols provide lower payouts, with the Ace and King offering up to 2.50x the bet, and the Queen, Jack, and Ten providing up to 1.25x for five on a payline.

Special Symbols and Features

Wild Symbols:

  • Sheriff’s Badge: Acts as the wild symbol, substituting for all regular symbols to help form winning combinations. It also carries multipliers of 2x or 3x, significantly boosting the winnings when part of a winning line.

Bonus Symbols:

  • Scatter Symbol: While the wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter, keeping an eye out for scatters is essential as they trigger the game’s bonus features.

Betting Range and RTP

  • The betting range is quite flexible, accommodating various budgets with options from €0.20 to €240 per spin. Coupled with a high RTP of 96.08% and the game’s high variance, players can expect a balance of risk and reward, making each spin both exciting and unpredictable.

Paytable Details

Here’s a quick look at the paytable for better strategic planning:

Symbol 3x Payout 4x Payout 5x Payout
Rottweiler 2.50x 7.50x 37.50x
Yorkshire Terrier 1.75x 5x 25x
Pug 1.25x 3x 15x
Beagle 1x 2x 10x
Dog Collar 0.60x 1.25x 7.50x
Bone 0.40x 1x 5x
Ace, King 0.25x 0.50x 2.50x
Queen, Jack, Ten 0.10x 0.25x 1.25x

This detailed understanding of gameplay mechanics and symbols equips you to better strategize your bets and anticipate the outcomes, enhancing your overall gaming experience in the Dog House – Dog or Alive slot.

Bonus Features and Special Rounds

Free Spins Feature

The Dog House Dog or Alive slot boasts an exciting Free Spins feature, activated by landing three Vault scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. Upon activation, players are immediately rewarded with a payout of 5 times their bet. The number of free spins awarded varies, revealed through a unique mini-game featuring 9 positions, with a potential to receive between 9 and 27 free spins.

Sticky Wilds with Multipliers

During the Free Spins rounds, any wilds that appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 become sticky, remaining in place for the duration of the free spins. These are not just any wilds; each carries a random multiplier of x2 or x3, significantly enhancing potential payouts.

Retriggering Free Spins

The feature becomes even more thrilling with the possibility of retriggering additional free spins. Collecting 3, 6, or 9 wild symbols during the free spins will not only grant 3 extra spins but also double the multiplier values of all sticky wilds currently on the screen, escalating the excitement and the winning potential.

Bonus Buy Option

For those eager to jump straight into the action, the Dog House Dog or Alive slot offers a Bonus Buy feature. By paying 100x the current bet, players can immediately trigger the Free Spins feature, which includes a slight RTP boost to 96.54%. This option is perfect for players looking for immediate gratification and increased chances at hitting big wins.

Table: Overview of Bonus Features

Feature Description Impact on Gameplay
Free Spins Activation Triggered by 3 Vault scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5 Grants 9-27 free spins, 5x bet payout
Sticky Wilds Wilds on reels 2, 3, and 4 during free spins Remain in place with x2 or x3 multipliers
Retriggering Collecting additional wilds during free spins Awards extra spins, doubles multipliers
Bonus Buy Available for 100x bet Immediate access to Free Spins

This strategic combination of free spins, sticky wild multipliers, and the option to purchase direct entry into the bonus round makes the Dog House Dog or Alive slot a dynamic and potentially lucrative choice for players at Pragmatic Play casinos.

Strategies for Winning and Maximizing Payouts

Understand the Paytable and Game Rules

  1. Study the Paytable: Familiarize yourself with the value of each symbol and the potential winning combinations. This knowledge will guide you during gameplay, helping you identify which combinations to aim for.
  2. Learn the Rules: Ensure you understand all the game’s rules, paytable details, and features before placing any bets.

Manage Your Bankroll

  • Set a Budget: Decide on a budget before you start playing and stick to it, ensuring you manage your funds wisely, especially given the game’s high volatility.
  • Bankroll Management: Due to the high volatility of the slot, it’s crucial to manage your bankroll wisely to sustain through periods of no wins or small wins.

Maximize Free Spins

  • Aim for Free Spins: The free spins feature is your best bet for hitting significant wins. Triggering this feature can lead to larger payouts due to potential multipliers and sticky wilds.

Utilize Casino Bonuses

  • Leverage Bonuses: Take advantage of any bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. These can provide additional funds or free spins, increasing your chances of playing longer without risking your own money.

Practice with Demos

  • Play Demo Versions: If available, play the demo version of the game. This allows you to understand the gameplay and features without any financial risk.

Table: Key Strategies for Maximizing Payouts

Strategy Description Expected Benefit
Study the Paytable and Game Rules Understand symbol value and game mechanics Better strategic decisions
Manage Your Bankroll Set and adhere to a budget, manage funds wisely Longer gameplay, reduced risk of loss
Aim for Free Spins Focus on activating the free spins feature Higher potential payouts
Leverage Casino Bonuses Use casino bonuses for extra play opportunities More chances to win without more deposits
Play Demo Versions Practice with demos to understand the game Improved gameplay without financial risk

By integrating these strategies, you enhance your chances of enjoying and succeeding in The Dog House Dog or Alive slot, making each session a potentially rewarding experience. Remember, slots are games of chance, and outcomes are ultimately determined by randomness.


Through this comprehensive review, we’ve ventured into the animated streets of The Dog House Dog or Alive slot, unveiling its high volatility and appealing RTP, alongside a detailed exploration of its visual enhancements, gameplay mechanics, symbols, and bonus features. It is evident that Pragmatic Play has once again succeeded in merging engaging gameplay with visually captivating themes, offering players an adventurous and potentially rewarding experience. The strategic tips provided aim to help players navigate the game more effectively, maximizing their winning potential while enjoying the whimsical world of our canine friends in a Wild West setting.

As players anticipate the release of this enticing slot game, it’s clear that The Dog House Dog or Alive is more than just a mere addition to the Pragmatic Play portfolio – it’s a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation in online gaming. The inclusion of bonus features such as free spins, sticky wilds, and the option to purchase direct access to these rounds enriches the gaming experience, offering both excitement and the lure of significant wins. Whether you are a seasoned slot enthusiast or new to the realm, this review underscores the game’s potential to provide both entertainment and the thrill of the chase.


  1. How does The Dog House slot perform in terms of volatility and payouts?
    The Dog House slot is known for its high volatility, indicating that while wins can be less frequent, they tend to be more substantial when they occur. The Return to Player (RTP) rate of this game is 96.51%, aligning with the industry average. Remember to gamble responsibly and only if you are over 18.
  2. What are the features of the new Dog House slot for 2024?
    The 2024 version of The Dog House slot is exceptionally volatile and includes exciting gameplay enhancements such as wild symbols with 2x and 3x multipliers. Additionally, it features a Free Spins bonus where any wild symbols that appear become sticky and remain in place for the duration of the spins. This game also offers a potential maximum win of up to 6,750 times the bet, maintaining an RTP of 96.51%.

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