There are an insane amount of online casinos to choose from when trying to pick one to play at. It’s not hard to see why: it’s probably viewed as a very nice business to start. There’s over 2,000 online casinos to choose from, at least. That’s a ridiculous number.

Picking a needle from a haystack isn’t easy, and it’s not in this case either. There’s a ton of things to consider when choosing an online casino which may not be obvious from the beginning when you begin your research.

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First of all, when you’re deciding the best casino that you want to play at, you should be certain that the casino meets specific requirements that you will not budge on. This includes things like accepting players from your country, and how the casino is viewed. That is, its reputation. Do they pay out winnings fairly? Do people say they scam players? These are important things to consider.

Then, after that, consider the availability of quality customer support, or the quality of their games or how nice their site was.

We’re now going to go over some of the most important parts of a great online casino.

Important note: many players only search for good bonuses. While bonuses are nice and can help you earn a bit of scratch when you first get started, it’s not the same thing as knowing you’ve signed up for an honest casino or a good gambling site. That’s much more important.

1. The Casino Accepts Your Country’s Residents

This is really important for a lot of reasons. A lot of countries outright ban casinos from operating inside of their country. Many countries do not, but you would be surprised at the way laws interact and how certain regions are affected. Many casinos also would rather not deal with a certain country if it has strict gambling laws.

Even more importantly, sometimes they will require proof of address, or some other documentation, in order to be a member of the online casino and play.

Critical Tip: It’s best to ask the casino about this through online chat before you actually add money onto your account. Use a question like this: “I’m a player in (your country). I’d like to know if you fully accept players from (your country).

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I want to know if I can do the whole process: registration, deposit, playing, winning, and withdrawing winnings. Can I get a clear answer on this?” Make certain that you receive a clear answer on this and save it by screenshotting it.

2. The Casino Has A Great Track Record

Casino companies are almost like insurance companies. You want to make sure you’re with a good one before something bad happens – because once there’s been an incident, it’s already too late. You’ll only find out whether the casino is truly good or not until the casino pays you out for a significant win.

Noticeably, there are many proven cases where casinos outright cheated and did not pay players, or did something else dishonest to them. Some of the biggest examples of those are below:

Winnings Fairly Won By a Player, Not Paid

The casino may mark the win as a software error, or not accept the the player’s entitlement to it. The casino may try to force the player into accepting 10% of the original win as the prize money.

The casino may also request a payout condition of playing more (to make you lose your winnings).

The casino can also set ridiculously low limits on withdrawals to prevent large payouts from being withdrawn.

The casino can – and may – delay withdrawals for ridiculous amounts of time, even weeks or months. The casino comes up with excuses not to pay out, or justifies it in some other way.

The Casino Offers Manipulated Games

The casino can also offer games that have a lower payout ratio with math that is heavily rigged towards them. The games can sometimes be an extremely deceptive copy of a popular game by an honest developer with changed math so that the player can never realistically win.

The Casino Uses Bogus Bonus Clauses

The casino will utilize a clause in its bonus that allows them to declare you as a bonus abuser and cancel all of the payout money.

Because this is prevalent in certain situations, it is an extremely good idea – nearly paramount – to check in a very detailed manner the reputation of an online casino before you give them any of your money.

Important Note: Remember, a new casino that doesn’t have any reviews yet can still cheat you. It may take some time for the first negative reviews to emerge. You may even be the first one to complain. There will most likely also be complaints about big casinos, even if they have honest behavior, just due to the law of large numbers.

3. The Casino is a Respected Regulator

This is a big, important trait for casinos. Online casinos are still operated from a country somewhere, or a territory. To make this possible, that country has to have legislation that allows this. The licenses are either issued by the country or teritory.

If the casino will not pay you, your only option is to go to the regulator to attempt to get some kind of resolution for the dispute. If the regulator is good, they will investigate the complaint, and the casino could receive a punishment – or, if the situation is severe enough, they could even lose their actual license, stopping their business entirely.

With some regulators in certain countries or regions, such as Centra America or similar areas, you may not even be able to complain directly, which can make picking the right casino all the more important.

Countries such as Gibralt

4. Good Revenue and Reasonable Withdrawal Limits

Once again, a comparison to an insurance company is very accurate. A company that does not pull in enough money cannot be expected to be able to make a payout when the time comes. How could they if they don’t pull in enough money to cover expenses and also build a cushion to use for the payout?

If you win a massive payout in a tiny casino, the casino’s motivation to not give that payout will be massive. It’s much different than a massive gambling house that intakes far more on a daily basis.

Slot machines are a particularly good example of this kind of luck. Some slot machines allow you to win over five thousand times your bet in just one go. If you bet, say, $10, you’d win $50,000. $20 would get you $100,000, and so on.

Because of this, make sure you understand the financial strength of the casino before you really begin playing at it. Always understand and make certain that even if you get the huge or max payout, that you will be paid out.

Also, check the withdrawal limits. It would take years to pull out $100,000 if your monthly limit was $1000, for example.

Necessary Tip: Make certain you really examine the financial strength of a casino carefully. Nothing would feel more painful than to get a huge payout and not be able to collect all of it. Make certain that you’re able to get the full amount for your wins.

5. The Casino Has Your Favorite Games

If you have a specific game that you like, or a favorite game provider, you’ll likely want to play a casino that offers that to you specifically.

Your preferences probably vary, as do everyone’s. Some people like table games, like blackjack or roulette. Some people enjoy slots, or games with a live dealer.

Some others may even enjoy scratchcards. A lot of casinos don’t offer this because it’s less popular, but you can find ones that do if you look hard enough.

Make certain that the casino has the kind of games you like when you’re looking for what online casino is best for you.

Casino Roulette Online

6. Casino Uses and Speaks Your Language

Casinos usually attempt to translate their site into many different languages. This is good for a lot of reasons – but if a casino focuses on a particular region or area, it usually gives customer support directly in the language of that area.

If you don’t speak English, this can be a major win.

Having the website translated and the terms and conditions easily available in your language will go far in terms of answering questions or solving small problems. You won’t need a translator.

7. Quick, Smart Customer Support

It can really be useful if the customer support for the casino you’re trying to play at is quick, smart, and helpful. Sometimes you have questions about bonuses, the terms and conditions of the site, or just various other queries.

The faster the answer, the better it is. 24/7 live chat for customer support is ideal. An email address or busy phone line isn’t nearly as helpful in this regard.

8. Good, Convenient, Easy Bonuses

Pretty much every online gambling website tries to offer bonuses in one form or another as a promotion. This is designed to attract newer players, and when a player uses the bonus in a smart way, it can also help them save money on the hobby.

If you’re smart (and determined) some people have even managed to turn bonuses into long-term profits on online casino websites.

Make certain you understand how to use their bonuses and how they work. Read the terms and conditions, too. Some bonuses are always good – and some aren’t, based on the conditions you have to accept in order to receive them. Something like a wagering requirement on something that applies to a deposit and a bonus together can be quite bad: limiting you in your bets and not letting you withdraw winnings.

9. Good UI Design For The Website

This may be fairly obvious, but you’ll want to make sure that the online casino you pick has a great UI, is easy to navigate, and really looks pleasant to stare at! You’re going to be there a decent amount, probably, so why have a website that isn’t as well-designed or as visually appealing? It doesn’t make sense.

Big, successful online casinos usually have good websites that are highly developed. Don’t make a huge decision about a casino just from the website, though. Some better casinos have issues with their website but still offer a great service!

10. The Website Supports Mobile Casino Games

Because of the current age, playing casino games on your phone or tablet or other mobile device is honestly kind of expected. It’s not strange at all to expect to be able to log in and just play off of their website – but not every online casino actually offers this service.

It’s become a standard to expect online casino games to be available via mobile as well. Look into this as another trait that you examine potential online casinos for when reviewing them.

11. The Different Options For Withdrawals, Deposits, and Fees

Whenever you’re choosing an online casino, make sure to observe the options for withdrawals and deposits. These are important, because if an online casino doesn’t have a good stance when it comes to these basic functions, you may want to choose another casino.

Make sure you check how much the fees are, how long the withdrawal takes, and daily/monthly withdrawal limits.

Using an internet wallet or prepaid cards can be helpful with certain casinos, so consider those options as well.

One Final Tip: You’ll probably be asked for verification documents before a withdrawal. Having that prepared is ideal. Sending that over before depositing money (once you know and trust the website) is also a good idea, to be verified before any issues with withdrawals can come up.

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