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Reel-Time-Gaming was founded in July, 2003, in Brisbane, Australia. Over its years of activity, the company has assembled a large team of software developers, artists, designers, mathematicians, and testers in order to make its games.

Reel-Time-Gaming: Great Online Gambling Software

Reel-Time-Gaming was founded in July, 2003, in Brisbane, Australia. Over its years of activity, the company has assembled a large team of software developers, artists, designers, mathematicians, and testers in order to make its games. Reel-Time-Gaming boasts over a hundred titles in its long-running, near 2-decade effort in the gaming provider industry. Most of its games are created for operators to run either online or in physical locations like casinos. Some of the best titles that Reel-Time-Gaming has made include games like 7 Seas Pirates and Dragon's Flame. Most of Reel-Time-Gaming's titles involve themes of fantasy, wealth, gems, or various kinds of mythology or ancient history – Egyptian scenery and imagery and pirates are common. Reel-Time-Gaming has made a great showing of why they're a source of awesome online gambling software. So let's start with the most important part of it all – Reel-Time-Gaming's games.

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The Best Reel-Time-Gaming Slots: Their Most Popular Titles

Reel-Time-Gaming has over a hundred great titles that it's produced over twenty years. These games are filled with breathtaking visuals, awesome sound, engaging gameplay, and a consistency to player experience that few other companies can match. Some of the best Reel-Time-Gaming slots are titles like 7 Seas Pirates, Dragon's Flame, 15 Samurai, Bank On It, Fortune Seeker, Holey Moley, Eye of Horus, and many others. The games feature great art, amazing visuals, exciting gameplay, beautiful and entertaining sounds, and overall have a high quality about them. Things like different numbers of win lines, unique mechanics in each game, and varying multipliers also make all of the games feel different despite the fact that they're all slots. It's a testament to Reel-Time-Gaming's skill that they're able to do this in a genre of gaming that can often have certain titles feeling very similar. These games are often featured on some of the biggest online gaming platforms for casino games. In addition, Reel-Time-Gaming produces some of these games on physical cabinets – these cabinets feature multiple games, multiple languages, note and coin entry, dual 22" wide screens, and you can configure them to work in most markets. How fair are they, though?

Reel-Time-Gaming: Safe Slot Machine Software

Reel-Time-Gaming features high RTP on almost all of their titles. The industry standard of RTP – Return To Player, normally used to get an idea of how fair an online casino game is – is between 95-97%, which is just enough for the company to make a profit but also allows for big wins and the possibility to actually make money off of the game. Most of Reel-Time-Gaming's slots are in this category, though many of them are on the higher end of this industry standard, which is a big plus for anyone who decides to play their games. Look at some of these Reel-Time-Gaming slots, and check out the numbers:
  • Eye of Horus: 96.31%
  • Kong's Temple: 96.31%
  • Woop Woop: 96.15%
  • Fishin' Frenzy: 96.12%
  • Wishing Well: 96.0%
  • Crown Gems: 95.07%
These numbers are great for players and it's clear that Reel-Time-Gaming values its players and the games it creates enough to endow them with the proper numbers. Reel-Time-Gaming doesn't create its games to be rigged or to cheat anyone out of their money. It's fair and tested safe slot machine software.

Reel-Time-Gaming Is One of The Best Online Casino Software Companies

Without a doubt, Reel-Time-Gaming is one of the best online casino software companies. From the quality of their games, to the RTP rates they offer players, to their consistency over the years – all of it lines up in a way that just can't mean anything else. Reel-Time-Gaming had all the tools to create a great gamling software company and they didn't disappoint at all. Instead, they made tons of great titles that are on huge operator sites and in big physical casinos around the world. They're one of the front-runners of the gaming industry, and it's not hard to see why. If you've been looking for a new gaming provider, or even if you have one you like but wanted to try something different, Reel-Time-Gaming is certain to satisfy in ways that other gaming providers don't. The sheer breadth of the games offered, the quality of those experiences, and the regular release of new titles are all reasons to enjoy what Reel-Time-Gaming has to offer. Check them out. It's something you won't soon forget, and you'll be glad you did so.

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